Moodroad is a digital fashion search engine connecting luxury brands & products with users willing to make fuss-free, meaningful purchases.

Moodroad is a fashion shopping platform inspired by human moods. We were asked to create a complex concept for the platform including naming, visual identity, communication strategy and the digital experience.

The minimalist visual identity reflects Moodroad’s simple and modern concept. Captured within the name, the essence of the platform is to curate products resonating with user’s moods.  The website offers innovative, personalized search options related to emotions. Intuitive layout allows easy navigation of website’s unique features such as Moods and The Weekly Feel alongside classic product feeds.

Moodroad’s communication prioritizes human need for direct, easy purchases. Shop as you feel strapline epitomizes platform’s essential role of making fashion shopping a thoughtful and authentic journey, inspired by real life experiences. This empathic concept was translated to social media & editorial content through a clearly defined, empowering vocabulary.


product design